I hold intensive retreats during the summer from May to August, in private locations in UK and in Italy at the Joy centre in the val Pellice, north of Turin city. I create a programme that meet the needs of your organisation or your own persona.

You choose your dates and together we will create a stimulating and rejuvenating retreat where you will be invited to set an intention for transformation as you: immerse yourself, with time allowing space to think with clarity, nourish your body, mind and spirit with new experiences. Integrate hands-on Alexander Technique and Modern Meditation, clear patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you through observation of feelings with systemic constellation. Transform your stress, fatigue and pain into a balanced, healthy lifestyle.We will awaken sensations through set forms of movements. The forms will encourage the physical body to open, connecting our inner feelings to our outer relationship with the environment, realigning our intentions and our actions: the thinking mind will respond to these forms of movement according to ingrained habitual patterns of reaction. This will bring attention to the present moment and allow our awareness to develop the use of directed orientation of movement. In this way we will challenge those habitual patterns and allow a new experience of freedom in movement to develop, freeing ourselves from patterns causing aches, pains and stress. When necessary we will observe responses to strong emotions and use Systemic Constellation to clear while honouring what no longer serve us. Our aim is to invite awareness, as the mind lets go of preconceived ideas of how to be, the body reawakens to the present moment.The mental health benefits from developing inner and outer integrity, changes how we functions as new neural pathways are created and a sense of harmony is experienced and the healing we seek naturally occurs. Our work deepens in substance as we connect to a greater sense of present stillness.Whether you are new or experienced in the world of Alexander’s principle, movement Shiatsu and Meditation, no matter where you are in your life, this process will be “meeting you where you are at,” and naturally guiding you to your full potential for expression. Your only need is to be open to time and to welcoming of the unknown. We will meet in a group, for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours each day, morning and late afternoon for a long week-end from Friday evening to Sunday or a full week starting on Thursday afternoon to Wednesday evening.