Modern Meditation

What is Modern Meditation?

Modern Meditation is an invitation to return to the subtle integration of the organism, creating order.

As the curiosity of our mind continuously wishes for answer to our life’s purpose we invite it to explore how we respond to feelings.

It requires that we use our innate capacity for attention in this moment. We evolve our awareness , so that we become naturally more in tune with the connectedness to the world and its elements. Without such awareness we stay blind to the impact our current way of thinking has. Realising that we do not see the world as it is but as we are. Reminding us that no human being has a privilege view of reality, we learn where and how to direct our thoughts and actions through the presence of the breath. Inviting our presence to feel, patiently, to respect our limitations while bringing light to perceived pattern of thoughts. So we can begin to fully appreciate, all of the potential that is present in our life. It is an invitation to widening the circle of compassion, committing to a manner of co-existence in which mutual respect, honesty and social justice arise spontaneously.

Learning that if we stay with the awakened sensation that the observation too feeling provides, we will build inner strength and the healing process will take place without having to do anything else except being present. As such, it is a more internal process which complements both The Alexander Technique and Energy Work. Sitting is simple and rewarding as the mind learns how to rest.

How I can help

If you would like to meditate and practice quieting the mind, I am happy to offer a free introduction as a personal one-on-one session or in an on-line group setting.

The process begins with an initial consultation (either online or in person) to determine what is the best way forward for you, and how best to be of help.

If you would like to find out more about how Modern Meditation can help you, please contact me to discuss further.


Image of Giorgina in a meditation posture.