Giorgina Pontet

The strength of her teaching was developed by her willingness to engage with the world at large, working with victims of war, addictions and mental health as well the chronic and terminally ill, artists and sportsmen, developing her compassionate heart with integrity.

“It is not what we study and who was the master that trained us, but how we use their teaching wisely in order to engage our inner master and how best we share and facilitate others’ transformation from discomfort to love.” From her ancestral roots high in the Italian alps, stillness always was and is embedded in her quality: a traveller at heart connecting through stillness broke all boundaries created by cultural and linguistic barriers in order to live and connect with life fully.

In her travels Giorgina often saw and felt the pain of the oppressed and disadvantaged in society; sights which made a profound impression upon her. “I was having difficulty expressing my concern for the inequalities to which I was bearing witness. It was then that an urge to work towards healing and empowering individuals regardless of cultural backgrounds, became my only way forward.”

A passionate student of equanimity, she searches for inner freedom with equilibrium and developed her own modality to re-educate individuals in need. Journeying with authenticity she uses our three best friends: gravity, space and breath. Her passion for evolution in her understanding of life continues to grow, deepening her personal development. Her wish is to facilitate movement with global integrity.