In these times of social distancing, and feeling emotionally challenged, we consider the importance of community. The fear of unknown challenges is experienced by all of us. 

Despite this vulnerability we can engage with the depth of our inner self. The challenge is in engaging the depth of our consciousness finding resources and experience its resilience. 

We meet both in person and online.

Looking forwards to 2022

At present we regularly have 5 weeks long group workshop on Alexander Technique, self shiatsu, somatic meditation and journal writing running regularly during school term, you choose what modality you would like to explore and contact us.

All our workshops have a scale price to accommodate all needs, and vary from low to moderate to generous.

Our Structure from our studio or your office.

We offer presentation that includes scientific evidence of the modalities we teach. We develop project within your working environment that suit your needs and that of your organisation, we do group and individual work.

Two hours presentation.

Following 6 weeks intensive work of 3 days each week of small group work or individual one to one.

One day workshop

Following either 6 weeks or 3 months of intensive work

Regular work one day a week for individual or group “requirement a minimum of 12 sessions.”

Monthly intensive week-end

Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 16.30.

Online Schedule

Journal Writing for Creative Awakening with Confidence

Wednesday afternoon 13.00 to 15.00

Through this course you are invited to explore and reveal limiting belief, repetitive stories and cultivate your self healing, your inner qualities in order to strengthen your awareness and your inner wisdom.

Before putting words to paper we sit quietly in observation of the mind as we invite silence entering the mind we connect the breath, brain and heart. As we soften in to this awareness, together we explore challenges by noticing what takes place in the body when we quiet down. As we enter a deeper state of perception, we bring to awareness the habitual pattern of the physical structure that limit our clear thinking, creating more dynamic energy, greater creative expression, successfully aligning gifts and values. Gaining better vibrant health, with more confidence and joy.

You don’t have to be familiar with writing, just a willingness to explore your thinking process.

Alexander Technique

Monday morning 10.00 to 12.00
Thursday evening 19.00 to 21.00pm

Alexander Technique looks at the way we carry out our intentions. Often we use a process that is habitual, unconscious, and counterproductive. The technique offers a practice of staying open and alert at the moment, observing our familiar tensions, and choosing to move without them. Beginning with the assumption that we are perfectly designed for movement and balance, we engage our mind to undo layers of interference, creating opportunity for change.

Learning to create time in between stimulus and response, allowing our body our instrument, to be in tune and receptive to its surrounding, re-addressing the direction and intention of your postural behaviour.

Somatic Awareness

Friday afternoon 12.00 to 14.00

A journey in to the nature of behaviour towards yourself. As you learn to deeply relax into te sensation generated by your body you begin to be taken deeper than its anatomical and physiological expression. Boundaries created by tension, trauma and conflict will dissolve.

The aim of the course is for people from all walk of life with or without knowledge of any type of body work . For anyone interested in developing a greater relationship to the integrity of the meaning of being alive and at ease with oneself.

Self Shiatsu

Tuesday evening 19.00 to 21.00

Shiatsu teaches us the ability to reconnect to our sensory body and to influence its functioning. We stimulate the energy meridians throughout the body in order to release or replenish what is not in balance.

Our aim is to arrive to a state of integrity that leaves us invigorated and rested. In order to apply self shiatsu we need motivation, steadiness of breath, relaxation and comfort, empty mind, support rather than force.

It is a journey of personal sensory experience about the healing power we all have within our touch, and the humanness of sharing our presence.

Modern Meditation

Monday evening 18.30 to 20.00

Meditation requires that we make use of our innate capacity for awareness in this moment. The imperative is to evolve our awareness, so that it might naturally become more whole, more in line with our connectedness to the world. Without such awareness we’re blind to the impact of our current way of thinking. Realising that we do not see the world as it is but as we are. Reminding that no human being has a privileged view of reality, we learn where and how to direct our thoughts and actions through the presence of the breath. Inviting our presence to feel the breath we engage in a practice that is the power of life itself. We learn patiently to respect our limitations while bringing light to perceived weaknesses… So we can begin to fully appreciate, all of the potential that is present in our life. It is an invitation to widening the circle of compassion, committing to a manner of co-existence in which mutual respect, honesty and social responsibility arise spontaneously.

Energy Work/ Systemic Constellation

Monthly at weekends

Systemic constellation is an effective short term therapy that has the potential to arrive at the roots of problems in a short time. The inter-action between all part of oneself involved, seen and given a space can quickly reveal underlying conflicts within a relationship system. For example within the family, the working environment, or our organism. Each space we physically inhabit is moved by the energy field of the system, which is connected to a deeper layer of the mind not ordinarily accessible. Acknowledging that our own being works accordingly to the influence of its present environment as well as the inheritance aspect of the field of our ancestor and cultural route.