Energy Work

Energy Work with systemic constellation is a combination of modalities: movement shiatsu, modern meditation and systemic constellation. Through the gentle observation of how you feel as you express your concern in relation to your health, together we choose the best way forwards for your needs. Primarily we use systemic constellation, which is a process that enquires into the origin of our discomfort. This work is more verbal and dynamically engaging with our emotions and conditioning of the moment. Often repeated patterns of behaviour or illnesses belong to the history of our ancestral family, our social cultural and geographical field.

By engaging with all the elements or individuals, giving them a voice and a space in the system we help to see the full picture of what the situation requires in order to be released. The energetic movement of the inner or outer physical dynamic relationship in the field amongst those element invite the quiet space necessary for allowing every voice to be heard, seen and honoured, giving directions to the system to move forwards and leave behind what no longer serve us, changing the quality of energy where healing is allowed to take place.

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