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Theory U
Alexander Technique
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Systemic Constellation

Packages tailored to your exact requirements, whether in person at our Twickenham practice room or at your place of work (for groups); virtually on Zoom; or at intensive, private retreats in UK and in Italy.

Maintaining a healthy balance

Seeking a dynamic awareness that supports and resources us, exploring our deepest desires in order to express our authenticity, liberating us from any conditioning. Looking towards the future with each step being a new beginning.

Create order in your life

Modern meditation encourages the natural curiosity of our minds to explore how we respond to feeling.This internal process enables us to build inner strength, allowing the healing process to take place without having to do anything other than simply to be present.

Intensive summer retreats

Created to meet your individual needs. Nourish your body, mind and spirit with new experiences, and transform your stress, fatigue and pain into a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Your journey starts here

Your journey starts with setting the intention to connect the brain, to open the heart, to follow the breath, and to let the healing process begin.

I offer life changing and liberating experiences through processes such as Theory U, the Alexander Technique, Systemic Constellation and Modern Meditation in order to continuously awaken self awareness and resources that strengthen our resilience to the fast changing world.

What is Theory U coaching?

Theory U is a process that teaches us to become our own agents for the future.

Attending to our presence from the awareness of the body we gently begin to hear our story in order to heal and manifest our deepest desires as we feel what is happening in our surrounding.

Every story always create micro movements in all directions. Through it we are in-formed of what is and what was and we stay curious in order to deepen the knowing.

We invite awareness to look at developed patterns of habit and preconceived ideas of behaviour.

Our intention is to sit with what is hidden in between the lines of the stories told, wishing to unravel the direction of where, how and what is emerging, taking a journey of exploration, creating our vision towards and in to the future. We learn to listen to the otherness, to how collective world events influence us. Our aim is to be informed with awakened emotional intelligence that is giving time and space to lead the movement, informing the intention towards our vision of humanity at its best. We create opportunities for our world in all domains, our relationship, our organisation and we are reminded that we all have a common goal, that is to leave at ease with self and others. Connecting, Manifesting and Belonging.

How I can help

If you have a project in mind and would like a coaching session to clarify and activate your plan, I can help through applying the Theory U model.

The process begins with an initial consultation (either online or in person) to determine what is the best way forward for you, and how best to be of help.

You will be asked to express your current situation and your vision: what do you need to let go of and what you would like to learn.

My input might serve to guide you through the challenge you choose to undertake. I will listen and focus the images, feelings and gestures that are evoked by your circumstances and then we will reflect together through a generative dialogue leading to a better awareness of your journey.

If you would like to find out more about how Theory U coaching can help you, please contact me to discuss further.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Theory U coaching, please see this excellent video from the Systems Innovation YouTube channel:


When we fall and the veil of composure drops away, grace can help us meet life as it comes with ease, equanimity and courage.

My aim is to help students achieve a state of being from which their body is able to heal itself, returning to a natural balance as quickly as possible: For minor aches and pains to disappear; to resolve the cause of persistent headaches; to become aware of habits leading to muscular pain and injury; to alleviate pain or distress from illness and disease.


Grace conveys the meaning of a mood without words, we establish silent communication using the minimum of movement and expression.

In addition to the physical aspects of our body-use, we must consider the balance and well-being of our mind. My work helps students to achieve an inner stillness, from which we learn to breathe and apply movement. This results in an overall harmony, unifying mind and body, giving us space to deal with the challenges life sets before us. We develop an openness to our inner voices, our feelings and movements in relationship to others, requiring only the willingness to listen and to experiment.


Allowing the other to be a legitimate other is the only emotion that expands intelligence.

Being ethical matters to me. Fairness and neutrality of one’s thoughts and feelings are the most important elements. It does not matter who we are or where we come from or have been. We think about our planet as we think about our own bodies, our dreams, our families and our groups or community.


I hold intensive retreats during the summer from May to August, in private locations in UK and in Italy at the Joy centre in the val Pellice, north of Turin city. I create a programme that meet the needs of your organisation or your own persona.

You choose your dates and together we will create a stimulating and rejuvenating retreat where you will be invited to set an intention for transformation as you: immerse yourself, with time allowing space to think with clarity, nourish your body, mind and spirit with new experiences. Integrate hands-on Alexander Technique and Modern Meditation, clear patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you through observation of feelings with systemic constellation. Transform your stress, fatigue and pain into a balanced, healthy lifestyle.We will awaken sensations through set forms of movements. The forms will encourage the physical body to open, connecting our inner feelings to our outer relationship with the environment, realigning our intentions and our actions: the thinking mind will respond to these forms of movement according to ingrained habitual patterns of reaction. This will bring attention to the present moment and allow our awareness to develop the use of directed orientation of movement. In this way we will challenge those habitual patterns and allow a new experience of freedom in movement to develop, freeing ourselves from patterns causing aches, pains and stress. When necessary we will observe responses to strong emotions and use Systemic Constellation to clear while honouring what no longer serve us. Our aim is to invite awareness, as the mind lets go of preconceived ideas of how to be, the body reawakens to the present moment.The mental health benefits from developing inner and outer integrity, changes how we functions as new neural pathways are created and a sense of harmony is experienced and the healing we seek naturally occurs. Our work deepens in substance as we connect to a greater sense of present stillness.Whether you are new or experienced in the world of Alexander’s principle, movement Shiatsu and Meditation, no matter where you are in your life, this process will be “meeting you where you are at,” and naturally guiding you to your full potential for expression. Your only need is to be open to time and to welcoming of the unknown. We will meet in a group, for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours each day, morning and late afternoon for a long week-end from Friday evening to Sunday or a full week starting on Thursday afternoon to Wednesday evening.

I’m impressed by your facilitation of my family constellation. I appreciate it is early days yet however, it is a path that I have started to go down and one that I am delighted to have found. The purpose of this e-mail is to inform you as to how things are going and to express my eternal gratitude for what you have facilitated. THANK YOU!

Jean Claude

Thank you for encouraging spontaneity and helping us to become aware of one’s whole body focussing initially on the neck, spine and pelvis and moving out to the limbs. I loved the periods of breathing exercises and meditation when resting between the active phases.I find your class is a relaxing, enjoyable class which leaves one feeling better both physically and mentally for several days.You are a really dedicated, inventive, empathetic teacher who is aware of, and accommodates the differing physical limitations of our group.

Steven – Alexander Technique movement group class

I wanted to leave sufficient time to be able to give proper consideration as to how things had changed and I can categorically tell you that it is been 100% positive. I had been feeling good and was “more at ease with life” and I can confirm that this continues and, if anything, it is improving. I am really grateful for what you facilitated today. I truly believe that it has the potential to be life‑changing.

Malcolm – Systemic Constellation

Giorgina, with you taking the class I noticed several positive changes in me and started to understand what it is all about. You are a truly inspirational teacher and I thank you so very much.


I adored my recent experience on Alexander course. The five sessions managed to combine the practical (mainly) with the theoretical and  opened my eyes to some ideas that might change my life – they have already made me more mindful and self-aware. Giorgina’s example and her amazing hands-on work were just terrific and I would recommend this course to anyone concerned about an inability to relax, a general worry about posture, stress or who simply looks for a different way of looking at themselves.


Any anxiety, worry or pain is gently melting away, while my focus and attention shifts to the energetic movement within my body, allowing the mind to reset and become more and more peaceful and quiet. I go deeper and deeper in myself… and smile!


I really enjoyed the meditation session today. When i first heard it was happening I thought it would be interesting to attend and appreciated what a unique opportunity to be able to experience this at work! I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive the session was, covering so many activities and techniques/exercises, and was also mightily impressed at the high quality and expertise displayed by Giorgina.

Workshop at a Corporate event

I have suffered with my stooped posture for years. 17 years later, it is nearly gone, thanks to the work I have done with Giorgina.

Her strong emphasis of verbal direction and dynamic physical orientation was vital and I feel that I have a hugely better understanding of how my body works and how to do things thoughtfully and with more grace.


Infusing your life with vitality, authenticity, wisdom and inner truth

I continually transform my expertise and teaching practice. Primarily I continue to slow down and listen to the wisdom that wishes to be born. As living systems we need alignment and the ability to feel that within us there is rhythm that demands reflection in reference to its movement. Join me for a shared common goal that brings you health and well-being. Release all that hurt, search for the gifts that you were born with.

I am here for you!

Georgina in her Twickenham studio

Giorgina Pontet

The strength of her teaching was developed by her willingness to engage with the world at large, working with victims of war, addictions and mental health as well the chronic and terminally ill, artists and sportsmen, developing her compassionate heart with integrity.

“It is not what we study and who was the master that trained us, but how we use their teaching wisely in order to engage our inner master and how best we share and facilitate others’ transformation from discomfort to love.” From her ancestral roots high in the Italian alps, stillness always was and is embedded in her quality: a traveller at heart connecting through stillness broke all boundaries created by cultural and linguistic barriers in order to live and connect with life fully.

In her travels Giorgina often saw and felt the pain of the oppressed and disadvantaged in society; sights which made a profound impression upon her. “I was having difficulty expressing my concern for the inequalities to which I was bearing witness. It was then that an urge to work towards healing and empowering individuals regardless of cultural backgrounds, became my only way forward.”

A passionate student of equanimity, she searches for inner freedom with equilibrium and developed her own modality to re-educate individuals in need. Journeying with authenticity she uses our three best friends: gravity, space and breath. Her passion for evolution in her understanding of life continues to grow, deepening her personal development. Her wish is to facilitate movement with global integrity.


Registered Member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
The International Systemic Constellation Association

Giorgina’s professional development is continuous.

Giorgina is a fully qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique, movement shiatsu practitioner, Time Therapy with somatic meditation and systemic constellation facilitator.

She has been a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) since 1991, qualifying as a certified professional in 1995 and in 1997 achieved MRSS certification of professional competence in Shiatsu in UK. After studying with Manuel Schoch for for 10 years n 2002 she gained her accreditation in Time therapy/modern meditation from the Tune In institute in Zurich. Continuing her meditation studies in 2017 received a diploma in relational mindfulness and the liminal mind by the Karuna institute in Devon. To further her knowledge in family and systemic constellation she studied with the centre for systemic constellation in London and attended the applied training for constellation facilitator. Now being a member of the International Systemic Constellation Association.

Believing that different individuals require and respond to different forms of support, Giorgina not only utilises the principle of the modality by which she has graduated in her formal studies, but uses her process of integrating work that bridges modern science, anatomy, neurology and the biomechanics of the self. Her passion for understanding evolution continues to grow, she is embracing her creativity process through finding the rhythm and spiralling flow to her own dancing. Her wish is of facilitating movement of health with a global integrity.


In person sessions

I regularly run 5 week long group workshops incorporating Alexander Technique, meditation and journalling for mental well being.

Monthly I offer one day systemic constellation.

In-person sessions take place in TW1.

Online sessions

I have an online Zoom schedule that offers weekly lessons on the modalities as stated above, please contact me for dates and times.

All of my workshops are priced to accommodate all needs, and vary from low to moderate to generous.