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"Link breathing with movement, grace and balance will follow."

- Giorgina.

Giorgina Pontet

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New Course

Exploring body work through
The Alexander Technique

Richmond Adult and Community College
Parkshot Centre, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2RE
Price £65 for ten hours of lessons

Course Overview

The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is a method of re-education of the psycho-physical body. It teaches balance and co-ordination through verbal instruction and with the use of hands guiding the musculature into a new poise.

We place a high demands on our mind and body which result in over-contracted muscle and distorted posture. Our aim is to become aware of the way we think and move in everyday activities.

This course will help people who have postural problems or if you are recovering from any injuries.

Course Content

  • Explore the importance of the thinking process of the mechanic body.
  • Gentle exercise will allow you to rediscover the importance of (our neck -head -back relationship), the primary control.
  • You will learn how to let the breath initiate our movement.
  • You will find the beauty in the extension of the extremities of the limbs. The power of growing taller.
  • We will enjoy the meaning of stillness in order to have a poised presence.
  • Mainly, you will gain a sense of freedom in our postural behaviour.
  • Strengthening of your body core.

Entry Requirements

No formal qualifications will be required but an ability to be able to follow instructions in English is needed. This is a practical lead class so you need to be mobile.

Further Details and Booking

Advance booking is required for this course.

Book online:

- for further details of the course and to book online, please click on the relevant dates above.

Book over the phone:

- by calling RACC on 0208 891 5907 extension 4040 quoting the relevant course number, as above (see dates.)

Book in person:

- visit the Parkshot (Richmond) or Clifden (Twickenham) site.

Note when booking - this is a Non-Approval Course.


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